Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wishful Wednesday...

So alot of people in the blog world are doing these 'Wishful Wednesday' I thought I would join the band wagon and add 'Wishful Wednesdays' along with my 'Thankful Thursdays' to my blog....

Wishful Wednesdays are supposed to be something to get us through those lovely hump days.  It may be a wish, a hope, a dream, or an aspiration.  Some topics may be fun and playful and others more insightful. Either way, it will be something that I can share with all of you. And hopefully you all can share your wish with me as well.

Today, I wish...

that cancer did not exist. that the people in my life and people that I know were not affected by this disease. my father-in-law had prostate cancer, and he beat it. my grandmother had breast cancer, and she beat it. but, sadly not everyone beats cancer. and because of that, today I wish that people I know and love did not feel hurt, and pain, and such overwhelming sadness when they lose someone they love.

yesterday, a great woman passed. she battled cancer, with such grace. this woman was dan's boss's (big dave) mom. but she wasn't just big dave's mom, she was a part of the Greenly family. Dan has been a part of the Greenly family for so long, and we truely consider them a part of our family. while we didn't know Meme as well as others and weren't around her as much as them, we were still touched by her and by her courage and strength. what a strong woman to battle such a nasty thing as cancer is.  I can only hope to have that type of strength and grace in my lifetime. it was an honor to know Meme. we are truely blessed to be a part of her family, to know them and to have them all in our lives. in this time of sadness and grief, we can only hope to be there for you and to support and love you all.  In memory of Meme

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I know today is Friday, but I was super busy yesterday and forgot to post here it is :-)

Today, I am thankful...

for my daughters unconditional and constant love. she always loves me, no matter what. and that feels soooo good.

for someone to listen to you when you need to just vent and work things out. knowing that you can say whatever to that person and they won't judge you and just listen to you is a weight off your shoulders in and of its self. Thank you to that person, you know who you are.

that it's Friday! which means a relaxing night with my two loves and then the weekend ahead.

that spring is fast be honest I'm kinda over this cold weather and so ready to see the sun more often and get going with planting my garden

and finally...
I am thankful for this life. It may be a crazy one...but it's my life. And I love it. :-)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


A few random pics of my silly baby girl!! Isn't she just the cutest!?!? I sure think so. :-)

Here are a few pics of the cupcakes I made for Addi's Valentine's Day party at daycare.  I also got these cute little boxes to put them in so that Daddy wouldn't have cupcake sprinkles all over his car for a week, tee heehee. They were quite adoreable and functional. Don't these look yummy?? YES, they most certainly were. I know because I made extras and had "a few" ;-)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

TGIF!! It's FRIDAY, FRIDAY!! Yahhhooo! I love fridays. I think because it's the end of the 40 hr-work week and even though I work weekends and don't truly get weekends off...I love being able to do whatever I want on Friday nights. Stay up late or go to bed early. Go out on the town or just sit at home and vege. We tend to usually do dinner and to just hang at home...tonight we're heading to dinner with my Dad. Haven't seen him in almost 2 weeks!!! We love hanging with him, always a relaxing time with good conversation. So tonight we'll do dinner and probaly come back to the house and watch movies. Sounds lame for a Friday night right? Well i'm exhausted so it's sounds pretty fabulous to me. Work this week has been soooooo busy so I've been working FULL 8 hours days plus a little. Good for business, but wears me out. So a nice relaxing dinner and hang time with my two loves is just what I need.

As for the weekend, well, I have to work Saturday night AND Sunday during the day...which is totally lame. Part of working in the restaurant business right!?!? Boo. Anywho, Sunday night we'll be celebrating Valentine's Day with our little, tiny family. Most likely PF Changs or Cheesecake Factory. *Those are our going out, getting dressed up, restaurants we don't normally go to but LOVE* And I say most likely cause we didn't really plan anything so we have no reservations. Which is actually ok. We're just gonna kinda wing it and see what happens.
. . . . . .
Soooo I just realized that I totally rambled on and on about nothing that I was really going to talk about in my post today. LOL The purpose of this post was really just to say Happy Valentine's Day to everyone and wish everyone a fabulous weekend. 

Now to the point of my post today, I would like to wish my Husband a very special Happy Valentine's Day and to say this...

I know you never read this blog, BUT, I am going to write this to you anyways....

Valentine's Day comes around every year and each year stores are filled with roses, Hallmark cards, and people stressing out trying to use materials "things" to show the people that they love, just how much they love them. We have never been ones to buy each other extravagant gifts or to stress on this holiday, as if it was more special than any other holiday or day that we might celebrate together. Not to say that it isn't a special holiday, because in it's own right it is, just by nature. it's a day where love is in the air and our hearts feel a little extra full. But what I want you to know, not just on this holiday of love, but EVERY day of the year is this....

I love you. I love you more than I ever thought I could love someone. I love you with all of my being and so much sometimes that it hurts. You came into my life almost 9 years ago at a time where I wasn't looking for love. I didn't need it or want it. Not that I was closed off to it, but I just wasnt't looking for it. But, then to my surprise, one day...sitting in class at Sac City, there you were. You were dressed to a "T" in your Abercrombie clothes, with your bleach blonde tips and with a smile that I will never forget. You have a warmth about you that attracts people to you and instantly makes people like you.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. I knew at that moment, as strange as it may sound, but I knew at that moment that you were the one. I didn't know then how our life would be in 5, 10, or even 20 years. And I still don't know. But what I do know is that that day changed my life forever.

You came into my life and have given me so much joy. So much love that I never thought I could feel. You put a ring on my finger and promised to love me no matter what. And you have kept that promise. You gave me a gift that I can never repay you for or even say thank you enough for, our daughter. She is my everything. And in her, I see so much of you. All the good that makes you so wonderful. She has your kind and loving heart, your fun and quirky personality, and of course your stunning good looks ;-) But what I love most about her is that she is ours. She is a part of both of us and always will be.

So, this year, another year, on Valentine's Day...while we may not have expensive jewelry, a fancy 5 star restaurant, or a romantic trip planned...we WILL have each other and our love bug. And to me, that's worth more than any piece of shiny jewelry or a fancy meal that costs to much or even a trip to somewhere exotic. Where I want to be, and what I want, is to simply just be with you. And to know that we have a one-of-a-kind love that will last a lifetime. Knowing that our love is pure and honest and knowing that you love me with all your heart is worth it's weight in gold to me.

Thank you babe for loving me, not just on this Valentine's Day, but every Valentine's Day and everyday of the year. It means more to me than you'll ever know. Happy Valentine's Day babe, I love you!!



Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday is a new thing I'm starting....actually, I got the idea from a few fellow bloggers, but it's new to me....and it's a day where it's been a long week but the weeks not just over, a day where even though the weeks not over yet it is almost the weekend, and a day where we can remember what we are truely thankful for in our lives. Sometimes, in the midst of all that is going on around us, we feel overwhelmed and stressed or happy and excited, but we sometimes we forget to be TRUELY GRATEFUL for the things in our lives. I do it, we all do it.  Soooo....starting today, I am going to start reminding myself and take the time to say what I am truely thankful for....

I am thankful for my husband. who loves and supports me in any and everything that I do, no matter what.
I am thankful for my little love bug who brings me new joy every single day.
I am thankful for a roof over my head, even though its a small one, I am still VERY lucky.
I am thankful for my Dad and Cheryl. Because they love my little family so whole heartedly, 100% of the time.
I am thankful that I have such an amazing relationship and close bond with my sister-in-law, Beth, and brother-in-law, Todd. I absolutely love spending time my with them.
I am thankful for my new little nephew that isn't even here yet. I already love him soooo much.
I am thankful for my mother and father-in law, Bob and Michelle. Words really cannot express how much I truely love them...
I am thankful that I have a job, 2 jobs at that! While at times I might not love them, I AM thankful that I have them.
I am thankful for my other in-laws, Bruce and Lori. they treat us like gold. they love us and truely enjoy our company and are always thinking of us. 

and finally, I am truely thankful for the life that I have been given. it might not be a perfect life. and I may want to improve a few parts of my life from time to time, because that's just how I am, but I am truely blessed and thankful that I have this life. I have a happy, healthly, beautiful family and really, what more can a girl ask for...